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Tips for Parenting Very Active Kids

It is important for parents to stand still and firm on boundaries that it will not trigger anxiety or sudden tantrum response from the kids.

We knew that parenting style is crucial as it affects children development and I had received quite a number of enquiries from parents about dealing with active kids!

Some tips for parenting very active kids!

Exercise and engage in sports

Besides helping kids to use up their extra energy when they exercise, it benefits their health that it helps boosting up the mind, stabilize their mood, and even promote better sleep quality. Picking on different types of activities or sports may help with cognitive and physical development, as well as teaching discipline and teamwork. On the other hand, it provides time for family bonding that everyone is involved in the activities or sports.

Age-appropriate responsibilities

This may cultivate trust between parents and kids that they take up little responsibilities, such as taking care of plants or grooming the pets. Some parents might feel or think it is time wasting and hoping to delay or postpone this (educating responsibilities) to a later age. So… when will be the best time/ age to learn about responsibilities? I would say, depends on the development of your kids, and starts from very little things (refer to Home Responsibilities by Age). Kids often get excited to be able to help out too! They feel more involving and truly being a part of the family, finding and increasing their self-value, boosting up their self-esteem level. The bonus of doing so is that: they are able to burn their energy, your house get cleaner, and it reduces the burden of parents too!

Limit screen time

Too much of screen time might lead to negative impacts during developmental stage (refer to How screentime affect children’s health), hence it is recommended that parents cap the timing of them playing with gadgets or watching TV.