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Nanopulse Therapy


Recharging Our Body Inside Out

We would definitely get our cell phones charged when their battery is low. But have you ever wondered what would you do when our body cells are in the low-energy mode? Yes, we do recharge them as well by using the Nanopulse Technology which helps to rejuvenate the body cells.

Nanopulse therapy uses a therapeutic device from Greece - Papimi which delivers radiation-free and non-thermal magnetic energy into the body tissues to balance the polarity in cells to overcome the low energy state of the body. Its philosophy is to equip the cells inside with all the energy they require to fight the problem instead of treating the symptoms from outside with unhealthy chemicals or medicine. It is aimed to increase the cell’s function by helping the cell to reach its optimum state for the overall restoration and enhancement on the normal operation of the body.

Keeping the energy high in the cell helps in fastening the healing processes in our body, reduction of scarring, improving nerve function, strengthening the immune system, reducing inflammation and swelling and improving blood circulation and metabolism.

For the people who have the conditions of arthritis, sports injuries, migraines and headaches, allergies, Parkinson’s diseases, cardiac disorder like stroke and so on are encouraged to undergo Nanopulse therapy which aids in stimulating the natural healing functions of the body that build healthy tissues and repair diseased tissues. Nanopulse is not only limited to treatment or rehabilitation, but it also supports maintenance of health and wellness, athletic performance and pain management as well.


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