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Quantitative Fluid Analysis (QFA 2000)

The internal environment assessment

The imbalances in the body’s interstitial (the environment around cells e.g. the presence of electrons, minerals, electrolytes etc.) can be the primary cause of illness and disease. The interstitial fluid is responsible for nourishing body’s trillion of cells and it is important to understand either it’s over or under active

A proper health assessment to study our body is important and this is why Quantitative Fluid Analysis 2000 (QFA 2000) works for everyone. QFA 2000 is a sophisticated test that measures and reports values of the function and integrity of our body’s internal environment, based on urine and saliva sample. There are three components to the test that monitor the building blocks of life found within the bodily fluid. These are pH (which is a measurement of acidity), Oxidation Reduction Potential (Redox), and Resistivity.


What will the QFA2000 reveal?

  • How well is your digestive system?

  • Is there adequate mineral concentration in your biological terrain?

  • Is your lymphatic system congested with mineral wastes?

  • How well is your body dealing with everyday stress?

  • Are your adrenal and thyroid glands coping well?

  • Are your kidneys and liver overworked?

  • Do you feel tired easily and always lack of energy?


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