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1. How does it work?


By applying magnetic fields, a balance of paramagnetic elements is achieved and therefore the rehabilitation of diseases.


The pulsed magnetic field (nanopulses) penetrates the body evenly, unaffected and alters rapidly. It is generated and dissipates in minimum time. In that way, deep inside a tissue electric nanopulses are generated. Nanopulses affect the intracellular traffic of ions and increase the permeability of cell membranes. The result is a reduction of swelling and pain, the rapid removal of products of metabolism, increasing oxygen supply locally, and regional movement nerves regain their proper function. 

2, What are the physiological effects?

  • The analgesia achieved by the release of the endorphin of enkephalin, which acts as an inhibitor of pain.

  • The magnetic fields help the reduction of inflammation and edema.

  • The regulation of glucide, lipid and protein metabolism, which are the effect of the beneficial influence of the sympathetic and the parasympathetic system.

  • The balance of hormone secretion.

  • The strengthening of the immune system by increasing the number of leukocytes, platelets and gamma globulin.

  • The increase of collagen, due to the reduction of the acetylic acid (AMP).

  • The reduction of osteoclasts.

  • The increase of calcification, osteoblasts and prostaglandin.

  • The improvement of blood flow and oxygen absorption (oxygenation).

  • Binding free radicals.

  • Positive results in the restoration of traumatic situations of the muscles and chronic locomotors system disorders.

  • Anti-inflammatory effect.

  • The increase of metabolism and biological activity of the cells.

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