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Bio-Resonance Scan (BR SCAN)


360° Body Screening

How well do you know your body, understand its needs and take measures to stay healthy?

The Bio Resonance Scanning is a recommended way for you to gain meticulous insight into your body and also to take preventive measures from a host of illnesses.

Once used by Russian cosmonauts to ensure their health conditions before a space mission, the Bio Resonance Scanning is a cellular examination utilizing Bio-resonance – an assessment method which provides information about your physical condition, and the predisposed diseases which may have an impact on your health in future.

Bio-resonance scanner uses the Quantum Physics technology which gauges the imbalances in tissues of the body– an in-depth reading of the body’s functions. Bio-resonance scanner enables the analysis of living organism’s vortex magnetic fields. Every healthy organism resonates wave patterns, or oscillations, which become deficient when the organism is exposed to stress, toxins, or even prolonged negative emotions.

This non-invasive device sends out gentle electromagnetic wave signals of extremely low intensity to your body, to identify the imbalances in, or potentially stressful parts, of your body. This will allow us to recommend you the proactive measures to protect or regain your health.

Reasons of Choosing Bio Resonance Scanning:

  • Comprehensive body screening – it scans the whole body from head to toe, even to the organ level. It provides complete body information regarding health screening

  • Non-invasive – it is quick, painless and safe

  • Non-radiation – suitable for everyone and especially those who are vulnerable to the effects of radiation, such as pregnant women and babies

  • Preventive measure – it accesses our current body condition and indicates the predisposed illnesses in the body which might cause an effect to our health in the future

  • Quick results – the result can be generated within the same day


According to the research submitted to the International Medical Association Congress, it shows that Bio-Resonance therapy are actually providing positive effects on patients’ health (Hans Brügemann, 2006).


Bio Resonance Scan

360° Body Screening



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