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1. What is BR Scan?


BR - Scan is a Bio Technology Device that work as a health navigator to detect the imbalance tissues and the function of the cells.


BR Scan works by using the Magnetic Resonance Modulation Wave with high frequency .... ( 1,9 - 4,5 gigahertz).


2. How does it work and how safe is it?

BR - Scan operates at the biophysical level and uses information from the body's electromagnetic field and from substances to test or diagnose and treat the imbalance tissues, cells, organs, etc. in the human body.


The Frequency used in BR Scan is very safe for everybody, including children and woman during pregnancy.


3. What results can patients expect?

We can detect the imbalance cells, tissues or organs of our body as early as possible, so we can prevent diseases immediately.

We can detect and prevent many degenerative diseases, especially some diseases that usually appear without early symptoms or notice like: Coronary Heart Diseases, Liver Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Cancers, etc.


Result of the BR Scan come out in about 1 hour, so we can program our food therapy immediately after doctor or BR Scan Consultant discuss the result with you.


4. What should I wear during the scanning?

No specific cloth or preparation is needed before and during the BR Scan.


5. Is it safe for me during pregnancy?

Yes very safe.


6. What is the difference between MRI and BR Scan?

  • MRI is a Medical Device as physical diagnosing device that use Magnetic Resonance Imaging

  • BR Scan is a Bio Cellular Device that use Magnetic Resonance Modulation Wave


7. Does the screening hurt? How long does it take for the entire body screening?

You will not feel anything during the scanning.

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