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1. How long does it take to see an effect with Brain Trainer?

It varies between individuals. Some report progress in just 10 sessions while others may require 20 to 40 sessions to see visible improvements. Brain Trainer is a learning process and several factors affect the outcome.


2. During the training session, the person appears to be engaged in games, but when it comes to studying, will this brain exercise help one to focus?


Yes. During the brain exercise one learns how to regulate his/her brainwaves. Over time, once the person starts to internalise the learning process, he/she will be able to produce the desirable brainwave patterns independently in one’s daily activities, without needing any cues from the Brain Trainer system.


3. Would the benefit gained from Brain Trainer training sustain?


Yes. Many long-term studies have been done showing that the benefits from Brain Trainer are maintained. It is a skill that is learnt, like cycling and swimming. Once internalised, a person will be able to self regulate his/her mental function. This skill to self regulate is the key to better performance.


4. How frequent will Brain Trainer sessions be?


We would recommend at least two to three sessions per week for the initial stage of training. Training can gradually reduce to once or twice a week when one starts to internalise this learning process and can better control his/her brainwaves. With our Home Training Program, training can be done more frequently (say 5 to 7 session per week) at the comfort of one’s home and at much lower costs for long-term solution. Similar to physical exercise, regular training will produce a better effect.


5. Are there any side-effects with Brain Trainer?


Brain Trainer is safe and non-invasive method. It is also a non-drug alternative for many conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD. As it is a non-drug based intervention, there are no side-effects.


6. Can Brain Trainer be applied to very young child?


Yes, we do work with children as young as three years old. Even toddlers as young as 18 months can be trained. Early intervention is always preferred for developmental problems. Our therapists are also trained to handle young children and to entice them to engage on the Brain Trainer training.

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