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Serumi Ion


The Healing Ion

In proving mum’s old adage:” You need some fresh air”. Have you ever wondered why you feel so relaxing when you are near a waterfall, greenery forest, rivers, streams etc.? The answer is Ions, Ions are charged particles in the air, some are charged negatively and some positively. But these negative ions, in plentiful supply in natural settings, are dangerously low in the average air-conditioned office, over-heated home or stuffy car.

Serumi Ion therapy is carried out using a negative-ion therapeutic device known as MI Energy from Japan which facilitates the ionization in blood circulation. Natural negative ions are important to our body wellness as they help the body to recover and strengthen its natural healing power which can effectively slow down the cell oxidation process. Serumi Ion therapy is clinically proven and utilized in over 400 hospitals in Japan to deal with the health problems like headache, insomnia, muscular stiffness, chronic constipation, torn muscles, osteoporosis and more.

Serumi Ion therapy promotes purifications and alkalization of blood, improving the absorption of vitamins and nutrients, increasing energy, improving sleep quality, relief from chronic constipation, suppressing the cell oxidation process that helps to increase immunity, anti-inflammatory effects, sedation and pain relief and detoxification. Healthy people or those with conditions, or even expected mothers can enjoy this natural way of healing from Serumi Ion therapy as it is radiation-free, painless, non-invasive and safe.


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Increases oxygenation of the tissues and cells 2019-11-07 11-24

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Serumi Ion

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