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External Counter Pulsation (ECP)

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What is ECP?

ECP (External Counter Pulsation) is an alternative treatment for heart diseases such as angina or any other cardiac issues. It uses pressure to perform a “natural bypass” to our hearts.

ECP helps reroute blood around narrowed or blocked arteries that are not supplying sufficient blood flow to the heart. It is an outpatient procedure during which cuffs are wrapped around the patient’s calves, thighs and buttocks. The cuffs are connected to air hoses that in turn are connected to valves that inflate and deflate the cuffs in sync with the patient’s heart beat. The pressure compresses blood vessels in the legs in order to increase blood flow to the heart. ECP may prompt blood vessels to create small channels (collaterals) that may act as “natural bypass’ to increase blood flow to the heart and relieve angina symptoms.

Benefits of ECP

The benefits of ECP therapy are proven in more than 190 clinical studies. ECP therapy improves the entire health system by restoring delivery of oxygenated blood to the heart and all parts of the body. Clinical studies show that over 75% of patients benefit from ECP therapy with sustained improvement up to three years post-treatment. ECP therapy may:

  • Increase energy and exercise tolerance

  • Decrease medication and nitroglycerin use

  • Reduce or eliminate symptoms of chest pain

  • Reduce symptoms of shortness of breath, fatigue

  • Improve in Angina & Heart failure classification

  • Reduce leg pains from peripheral vascular disease

  • Improve coronary perfusion

  • Create natural bypasses around narrowed arteries

  • Improve circulation and organ perfusion

  • Improve sexual function for men

  • Improvement in oxygen consumption

  • Reduce symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

  • Reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

  • Reduce hospitalization and emergency room visits (, 2015)

  • Anti-aging effects (Ghaly, F. I., MD, N.D).

Not only is ECP a therapy for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease, it also assists in the management of other common illnesses, including diabetic neuropathy and retinopathy, erectile dysfunction, hypertension, kidney disease, memory disorders, peripheral vascular disease, Parkinson’s disease, and macular degeneration (blindness). ECP also greatly improves the overall quality of patients’ lives, by giving them more energy and an enhanced ability to work, perform daily tasks and exercise, thus allowing them to enjoy a greater sense of well-being (Ghaly, F. I., MD, N.D).


Listen to what Mr Teo, a 61-year-old bypass and stroke survivor has to say about his ECP treatments and the changes he felt after only THREE sessions.

"Last time I can only walk 3000 steps a day, but now I average over 10,000 steps daily"

Hello, my name is Teo Tian Leong. I'm 61 this year. At the age of 47, I was diagnosed with bypass. So, I've gone through a bypass at Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur and I survived. To let you know, I never smoked in my whole life. Non-smoker, non-drinker but I still had to go through a bypass. 
Then in the year 2016, I suffered from stroke; half of my body was paralyzed. Then, after a few years of treatment, I was so lucky that now I can recover back.
I came to know about this SOL through my good friend Angela and I really believe in that (ECP) treatment. 
Yeah, which actually helped me because, before the treatment, the most I can walk is like maybe three-four thousand steps a day. They said to me, that's a lot already. But after a few, first three treatments my walking is something like 10,000, 15,000 (steps).
Last time, you don't ask me to walk because first, you don't have the stamina, then you're lazy to walk already but once you've the stamina, different. Because if I walk more, good for my health.
Last time it's not that I don't want to walk, I cannot walk. 3,000 to me is a lot already. Now, 3,000 ah? I just close my eyes, then in 10 minutes 15 minutes, I can walk 3000 steps already. And I'm so energetic. 
So even at the centre, I will at least walk 5,000 steps here. So nice, comfortable with air-con. Yeah, so to finish my 15,000 no problem I finish 5000 here, go back I just left another 10,000 to go. So the average is more than 10,000 steps a day. And then I also feel the stamina, everything is all picking up. Some more with cycling. It's something impossible to me (previously). 
So after that few treatments, I went cycling at Putrajaya with my son. There is a slope to go up the bridge. I had tried many times. Sorry. I had to push a bicycle all the way up. So that day, after a few treatments, I told my son, I think today I'll take the challenge. I can cycle all the way, true enough, all the way up there. Non-stop. Then after that, I say, I think today I can carry the whole bicycle up. True enough, it was photographed. Yeah. I carry the whole bicycle. The bicycle is something like 12 to 13 kilos, which I do not have the strength to do that. I know, I dare not. But that day I think I can.
Something marvellous happened la. All this has actually happened after I did all the ECP treatments.
I would like to ask those people who have gone through a bypass or stroke. You might think you don't have the stamina or you are just like an OKU, a handicapped. I think there's a new life for you la. I have gone through that. Why don't you just follow my steps? The only thing you can do is call SOL and get more information and it's something proven by me. But you have to do it often. Don't just once a month. You don't see the result. A lot of improvement after the SOL (ECP  treatments) la. That's why when my friend asks me, I'll say this is something very good. Actually, it's like a new life la. And I feel younger now.

Thank you, SOL.


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