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1. I am a cancer patient, is it safe to do Ion Therapy? My doctor said not to do anything that ‘moves stuff around the body.’

This is something that needs to be dealt with on an individual basis. This device is actually formulated for cancer treatment and we do have cancer clients benefiting from this therapy. However, it is something that needs to be discussed on an individual basis with our practitioners


2. What can one feel with it? What to expect?

You may occasionally feel some tingling sensations through the electrode pads. As your body absorbs the negative ions and allows them to travel around the cells, restoring healthy pH balance and neutralising toxic substances, you will start to feel deeply cleansed, relaxed and rejuvenated. Several clients say they feel an increase in alertness and concentration.


3. What is the difference between this treatment and negative ion necklaces?

The ion necklaces are a beneficial for everyday protection against positive ions, but the efficiency and health benefits obtained from one session of Ion Therapy far outweighs an ion necklace since it is consistently sending your body negative ions for 30 minutes. Not only does it clear up positive ions, it promotes immediate effects. The concentration of negative ions emitted from this therapy is also much higher than the concentration of negative ions found in an ionic necklace.


4. Can I work out after a session?

It is not recommended to work out after Ion Rejuvenation Therapy. With this therapy, the body’s pH is brought to alkaline and by working out after, the body’s pH is brought back to acidic which defeats the purpose of the treatment. It is however, good to have a massage after treatment as part of a total rejuvenation package.

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