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1. What is Breast Thermography?
Breast Thermography uses an infrared (heat sensing) camera that detects heat variations in the breasts. Because infection, inflammation, active cysts and tumours can cause excess blood in the breast tissue, thermography can find these early warning signs, sometimes called "hot spots" that can indicate a possible unhealthy condition.


2. Is Thermal Imaging a replacement for Mammograms?

No, the two complement each other. Thermal imaging can detect tissue changes that could support breast disease.


3. Do I need a doctor's referral to have a scan?


You can refer yourself. We would be happy to send a copy of your report to your doctor.


4. What if I get abnormal results? What do I do?


As always, early detection is the key to a good outcome. Thermography is not diagnostic but identifies early risk factors. An abnormal result from a thermo gram allows one more time for therapeutic life-style changes to be incorporated. At the very least, the condition can be closely monitored safely until conventional interventions need to be applied.


5. Are these "hot spots" cancer?

Absolutely not! While locating these areas can aid in the early detection of breast cancer and inflammatory breast disease, more often these areas indicate unhealthy tissue, infection, stagnant lymphatic flow, cyst activity, inflammation, an injury, scar tissue, or a hormonal imbalance.

6. What can I do about a "hot spot”?

There are many actions you can take to help clear up these "hot spots". We provide you with a copy of our Breast Health Tips during your appointment and discuss how to implement them. Once you have used these Breast Health Tips for a period of time, we recommend that you have a comparison scan to see how much your breast health has improved, (most patients who commit to these proactive breast health tips experience an improved scan on their next visit). You may also choose to work with a health care practitioner who specializes in breast health (we have Referrals for patients in Napa, Sonoma, Marin and Mendocino Counties).

7. Is Breast Thermography safe?

Yes! It is contact, radiation and pain-free, and was FDA approved in 1982. It is safe for any woman; pregnant, lactating, women who have had breast implants or reductions or who have had previous cancer surgeries. It is as easy as having your photo taken. 

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