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ES-TECK Complex


Do you know well your heart is pumping? Do you often feel slight pain in the chest? Are you physically active? Do you smoke? Do you have good sleep quality? Do you often feel tired and sluggish? Do you eat healthily? Do you get a regular check-up? Are you stress?


If your answer is no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, no, yes, and no, then, it is about time to do a more comprehensive test to determine your body wellness.


ES TECK Complex is a body scanning system that measures the electrical resistance between selected points in the hands, feet and forehead as well as the heart rate via several probes. These measurements are used to predict the presence of indicators in the metabolic system as well as the functions of your organs.


This is a scanning tool that not intended to diagnose any disease but can tell you in detail about the heart functioning and overall circulation. From heart rate and the intervals between the beats to the thickness of the blood and the elasticity of the arteries, this will give you a clear picture on what you will be developing in years to come. The lower the cardiovascular score, the higher the chances of developing heart attack and stroke.


Through this scanning, it is able to find out briefly about your cholesterol level (not in numbers) and this is co-related with few readings on the results such as the viscosity of the blood and early signs of arteriosclerosis (hardening of blood vessels due to plaque formation).


Through this device, it can also predict chances of developing Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus via microcirculations in the foot. If you are on the higher risk, test and further evaluation is necessary to avoid developing it too soon, but of course, this include diet changes and supplement too.


The scan usually takes only a few minutes. You will be asked to remove all metal accessories such as watches, belt, chain, bracelet, etc. including handphones or tablet (there is a basket for you to keep your items) before sitting comfortable on the chair provided (do not be afraid, we are not going to electrocute you). Electro-pad is placed on the forehead whereas your hands and feet are rested on a metal plate (there is no shock coming out from these places too). A small device is placed on one finger to measure heart rate and oxygen saturation. You will be asked to relax and speaking is not allowed while the scanning takes place as this will cause your heart rate and breathing to rise up. Once done, all probes will be removes and you are allowed to have back your item before the interpretation of the result of the scan.


Summary of ES-TECK COMPLEX scan result

  • Short-term heart rate variability (HRV) analysis (numerical ECG)

  • Cardiac work and contractility

  • Autonomic nervous system activity

  • Tissue oxygen uptake and saturation

  • Nitric oxide assessment

  • Hemodynamic (blood flow) and pressure

  • Small/medium to large arterial stiffness

  • Skin conductance response

  • Micro-endothelial function

  • Body composition (fat%, water%, overweight)


✅Aids in identification of diabetes, high cholesterol or hypertension risk
✅Assess the risks of getting heart attack or stroke
✅Monitor and guide patient’s treatment & lifestyle changes
✅Comfortable procedure
✅Comprehensive and detailed report
✅Quick result (ready in 20 minutes)
✅Comes with doctor’s interpretation & recommendation


People who experienced:
- High blood pressure
- Diabetes
- High cholesterol
- Chest pain / tightness / discomfort
- Racing or irregular heartbeat
- Shortness of breath
- Lightheadedness
- Dizziness
- Fatigue
- Swelling on legs or feet
- Numbness
- Indigestion / heartburn feeling


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