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Brain Trainer (Neurofeedback)


Neurofeedback is also known as “BRAIN TRAINER” which is a 20 years technology that has been widely used in western countries like the United States. It is a safe and non-invasive therapy for children to learn quicker, have better attention span, improve focus & concentration, sleep quality, and can train children to perform better at school and life.

It creates a CORE foundation of powerful brain ability so that the child can learn things quicker and save ENORMOUS time. Ultimately, enabling them to unleash their full potential! 


  •  Increased focus and concentration for longer period of time

  •  Perform better academically and emotionally

  •  Improve social behaviour

  •  Effectively manage tantrum issue

  •  Boost self-confidence

  •  Reduce stress

  •  Encourage positive attitude

  •  Enhanced language comprehension & expression

  •  Increased sleep quality

  •  Improved performance in school, work & sports

  •  Increased motivation & competitiveness 


  •  Radiation-Free

  •  Non-Invasive (suitable for sensitive kids)

  •  Real time & Instant Feedback

  •  Customized & Tailored Protocol

  •  Comprehensive

  •  Conducted by trained & certified therapists

Our Testimonials

After neurofeedback therapy, my daughter is now more alert, her concentration and focus were a lot better and so is her memory. Her sleep quality improved and she is now more emotionally stable. - Lai Ying Pong 

My daughter's focus and attention span got so much better. She gained more motivation in her studies and she will now do revision by her own, spontaneously. The most satisfying improvement is that her school result improved from grade C to B. I’m totally surprised by this positive change. - Sandhini Sakti 

I am currently working as a corporative accountant, but I’m having difficulties in my work due to my weak mental stamina, fatigue and poor sleep quality. After some sessions with SOL, I’m now more confident and stable in my work performance. I see great result, I can work better with less medical leaves, and able to multi-task. - Juliet 

Who has used Neurofeedback?

1. Astronauts (NASA)
2. Military Airforce of various countries
3. Student and working executives
4. Children 
5. Professional athletes & more


Watch this video to find out more:


What is Brainwave? And How Brainwave Can Affect Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Watch this testimonial video to understand more:

Brain Trainer Really Can Helps My Autistic Child to Improve


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