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Our Purpose


SOL was founded in 2014 with a pure intent to allow more people to have an access to greater healthcare and change the existing status quo of how health has been perceived, acted on and treated. Ultimately our goal is to create better way to live better for everyone who comes to us.


We wanted to help people to heal the body naturally with the use of integrative medicine, whether they think they are healthy, chronically sick, or having cancer. Through integrative medicine, it allows the best of natural medicine from both the east and west to combine and synergise to create effective result and not intoxicating the mind, body and spirit. 


The way to go about it is through using methods that do not harm the body but allows it to heal. We integrate all the strengths in different experts and cutting edge technologies to help in assessing and treating people. We believe in every modality they have got their strength and weakness, but when all expertise and strengths are combined, it creates much effective results for our clients.

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