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Cardiovascular Disease

- Department of Statistics, Malaysia (DOSM), 2021

" 1 of 5 death

Don't be a part of that statistic.


What is Cardiovascular Disease?

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) refers to a class of diseases that involve the heart and blood vessels. It is currently the leading cause of death globally, killing an estimated 17.9 million people each year. Among the common cardiovascular disease includes: ​

  • Coronary heart disease

  • Peripheral arterial disease

  • Valvular heart disease

  • Rheumatic heart disease

  • Hypertension, or high blood pressure

Plaque is a substance made up of cholesterol, fat, and other substances that can accumulate in the walls of the arteries over time. The buildup of plaque in the arteries can narrow the arteries, reducing blood flow to the heart and other parts of the body causing angina (chest pains). Plaque can also break off and form a blood clot, which can block an artery and cause a heart attack or stroke.


Plaque build-up in the arteries and surrounding the heart may lead to cardiovascular disease.


“After 3 ECP Treatments, I feel a lot of improvements. I feel younger and I can walk and cycle further. It’s like getting a new life!” 

- Mr. Teo Tiang Leong, 63 years old 


Our Approach

Equipped with integrated competencies, SOL combines modern technology and alternative healthcare concepts to bring you a diverse range of revolutionary healing solutions.


  • Meeting the doctors to find out more about your condition  

  • Complete case assessment on the patient’s health condition and history of the illness. 

  • Advice on heart screening, diet, nutrition, lifestyle and emotional therapy to manage heart-related diseases

  • Examples of assessments: Esteck, Blood Test, In-body Screening, Microcirculation Test


  • Treatments to reduce inflammation and restore the body’s detoxifying capacity to avoid toxin build-up that will result in cellular dysfunction

  • Examples of therapies: Chelation and Nutritional Therapy



  • The goal is to continuously maintain our patients’ healing progression and lower the risk of hospitalisation visits/admissions. 

  • The determination of what constitutes Maintenance and Supportive Care and/or Therapy is made by our expert doctors after reviewing the patient’s case history and/or treatment plan.  

  • Maintenance Therapy and Supportive Care may be used interchangeably periodically every 3 to 6 months, according to the patient’s condition

Our Approach

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How are We Different

How are We Different

Conventional Treatments

Disease Oriented

Everyone is treated similarly

Specialist Approach

Managing symptoms

Drugs & Radiation


(screening & treatment
seperate places)

Other Wellness Treatments

Lifestyle Oriented

Pre-made Treatment Plans





(screening & treatment seperate places)

SOL Integrative Treatments

Health Oriented

Customized to individuals

Team-healing Approach
(a case managed by a team of experts under one roof)

Treating Root Cause

Natural & Radiation Free

Prevention & Detection

(all solutions under one roof)

What to Expect

What to expect?


Our Team


Dr. Ameen

Research and Medical Advisor


Dr. Isaac Eliaz

Medical Advisor


Dr. Dasheni

Integrative Doctor

Dr. Ameen is a leading Naturopath and Functional Medicine specialist who primarily works in the field of Metabolic, Neurological, Hormonal and musculoskeletal disorders. He believes in a Holistic and integrated approach to optimal health care, with the use of Natural Medicine, Diet and lifestyle changes. He specializes in creating System based detoxification programs and individual wellness solutions. Being extremely passionate about Natural health and fitness, his enthusiasm has kindled the fire within to educate and empower people to achieve optimal health, the natural way. He is an expert in many fields of Natural medicine such as Nature Cure Therapy, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Dietetics, Herbal remedies and Aromatherapy. He has a deep understanding of Human Physiology and Anatomy, knowledge of different Pathological conditions, and how herbs and diet can be useful in addressing these disease states, which makes him a class apart in the field of Natural Medicine. With his vast working experience of more than 20 years in the field, he works with a growing list of patients around the world. Specialties: Diabetic care, Renal health, Cancer support, Preventive Cardiology, Anti-Aging Medicine, Auto-Immune disorders, Stress, Anxiety and Mood Disorders; Weight Loss, Detoxification, Preventive medicine, Neurological Conditions and Corporate Wellness.

Dr. Eliaz is at the forefront of advances in nutraceutical sciences. He is well-known for his work in the development of PectaSol-C Modified Citrus Pectin, a compound that inhibits galectin-3, an inflammatory protein shown to drive chronic diseases in vital organs (cardiac, kidney, liver, lung), as well as cancer proliferation and metastasis. He is currently developing a medical device for the removal of galectin-3 from the circulation, purposed to provide a novel treatment for conditions such as chronic kidney disease (CKD), in which no effective therapies exist. Preliminary research results suggest that the device has broad clinical application potential for treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory and fibrotic conditions, and in cancer immunotherapy.

Dr Dasheni is an integrative wellness doctor. She graduated medical school in Kedah with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. She then gained experience treating a wide range of medical diseases in the trauma and emergency department of a busy government hospital in Borneo. She left for private practice in 2020 and has since pursued her interest in a more integrative and holistic approach for her patients, with a focus on empowering women and men to improve their quality of life and prevent chronic disease. With years of practice, it became obvious to Dr Dasheni how important lifestyle and nutrition was in patient health and the development of disease. She is a firm believer that exercising, paired with healthy eating habits, are essential to one's ability to heal as well as improves a person's health holistically, the miracle cure we've always had. She pushes her patients to incorporate physical activity into their life by going the extra mile to understand which exercise is best suited for them.In short, Dr Dasheni creates an integrative and holistic customized treatment plan for her patients based on their health conditions and needs. Together paired with Medical Aesthetic Certification she is able to treat skin disease from inside and out. Dr Dasheni has an interest to empower her patients with the comprehensive understanding of their disease or reduced health state, and works in partnership with her patients to return them to their optimal health. She specialises in a number of key areas including Functional & Environment Medicine, Skin Disease, Metabolic Disease, Weight issues, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Gut Health, Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine ,Fatigue and Chronic Diseases in general .

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-26 at 2.54.45 PM.jpeg

Dr. Ceciliann

Integrative Doctor


Dr. Lydia

Homeopathic Practitioner

Dr Cecilliann graduated from Kursk State Medical University. Over the years of practising conventional medicine, it soon became clear to her that, whilst conventional medicine works for people with urgent health concerns, the management of chronic health conditions leaves much to be desired. She soon develops a strong interest in preventive care and decided to further her studies in this area and obtained her fellowship in Functional & Environmental Medicine. She has a deep passion for regenerative medicine and its powerful abilities to heal and enhance a person’s health holistically. She saw the revolutionary potential in regenerative medicine, how it can change the conventional approach of medicine and decided to specialise in this field. She believes that environmental inputs and mind-body connections contribute significantly to a person's health and well-being. Her desire to get to the root cause of a patient's medical conditions, requires a detailed understanding of a patient's medical history, biochemistry as well as lifestyle factors in improving their health outcomes. Dr Cecilliann is convinced that "Doctors of the future are the patients themselves".

Dr Lydia Devega is a homeopathy practitioner who practices integrative medicine and the former director of The Jasmin Foundation, a non-governmental organization established over 15 years, which specializes in integrative and alternative medicine and treatment. She has been practicing homeopathy and functional medicine for 10 years offering consultations for both locals and internationals. Having been one of the first seven pioneer homeopaths in Malaysia recognized under Traditional and Complementary Medicine Division by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, she obtained her Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Science (B.H.M.S.) at University of Cyberjaya and later received her training at Shaad Homeopathic Hospital Complex & Research Centre in Itwari, Nagpur India. During her training in India, she was closely guided and taught by renowned homeopaths with great expertise in the field. The passionate homeopath has acquired her Masters in Homeopathy and conducted intensive research on anti-obesity & Phytochemical Analysis. "It's more important to know what kind of patient has a disease than what kind of disease a patient has", as said by Hippocrates, is one of the quotes Dr Lydia believes at heart as a strong believer of individualistic treatment. She often says that our body has the power to heal itself and thus restoring the balance by combining appropriate medical practices, diet, along with lifestyle modification will restore the patient's health and sees the symptoms experienced by one as the body's ways of indicating that something is out of balance in the human body. Furthermore, her unquenchable desire to help others reach the goal of healthy living has paved the way to conduct courses on functional medicine & basic homeopathy for students and practitioners who are interested in integrative approaches in clinical practices. In the future, Dr Lydia aims to conduct training and embark on clinical research in functional medicine, additionally organizing conferences in the areas of advancements and innovative medical practices.

Our Team

A New Life After BYPASS & STROKE

“At the age of 47 I did bypass surgery and in 2016, I suffered from a stroke - half of my body was paralyzed. The most I could walk was 3,000 - 4,000 steps a day. After 3 treatments, I could walk 10,000 - 15,000 steps a day! I feel a lot of improvement. I feel younger and I can walk and cycle further. It’s a new life!”

Bolstering His Heart Conditions

"After 15 sessions, I feel a lot of changes. When I go jogging, I can go even further. My pulse and blood pressure have substantially improved. All without the side effects of western medication."

Meremajakan Semula Tenaga Maskuliniti dengan ECP

"Selepas hanya 3 sesi rawatan ECP di SOL, saya dapati tenaga dan keupayaan saya kini kembali seperti muda remaja dulu."



Google Review

Google Review


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Client Satisfaction & Quality Service

We take pride in our quality services in terms of client's recovery rate, good customer care, strong doctor-patient relationship and comfortable treatment environment.


SOL is honored to receive:


Malaysia Tourism Council Gold Award 2021 in the category of Medical & Wellness Tourism Centre


SOL is honored to receive:


HR Vendors of The Year 2018 in the category of Best Corporate Wellness Provider and Best Healthcare Provider

mtc award 2019.JPG

SOL is honored to receive:


Malaysia Tourism Council Gold Award 2019 in the category of Medical & Wellness Tourism Centre

Global Health Award 1.jpg

SOL is honored to receive:


Global Health & Travel Award as The Integrated Health and Wellness Service Provider of the Year 2018

Global Health Award 2019.jpg

SOL is honored to receive:


Global Health & Travel Award as The Integrated Health and Wellness Service Provider of the Year 2019

Malaysia Tourism Award.jpg

SOL is honored to receive:

Malaysia Tourism Council Gold Award 2018 in the category of Medical & Wellness Tourism Centre

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