What is the little thing that gives joy to you? Me, I enjoy looking people at the airport. I can simply sit and watch people there for hours. Just clearing out my mind or sometimes when I need my own space to think. Other than that, I love watching and hear bird’s chirping at the beach. Everything is so refreshing and relaxing! Neuroscientist said as we grow older, our perception of time becomes faster. When we still young, we appreciate every holiday we have, we want to play outside, we want to do a lot of things. Time remains unchanged, there still 24 hours a day. Why is it when we become adult, we feel like there is not enough time?

Living and working in city is very stressful. Everything is so fast! People walk, eat and talk very fast, but the traffic is so slow. People look stressed with the traffic in the early morning, not to mention people’s face in the evening. Honking is everywhere, and it is like a song to the city. Sometimes, I wander when is the best time to have a quality time to enjoy the moment. I had been living away from city for quite a long time. I study in East Malaysia where everything is relaxing, peaceful, and quiet. My late teacher once had said, “East Malaysia is very good for retirement place. It is very relaxing and a good place to detox yourself”. What are we chasing, actually?

When you know you should slow down?

I know it is hard to slow down the momentum. Listen to your body. Try giving yourself a space and always look after yourself. Know when you should take a break. You need to slow down when you notice your personality or behaviour changes. For example, take a break when you are changing from calmer person to hot-tempered person. When everything around you looks problematic, probably you are the real problem. Other than that, you may slow down when you notice you always forget compared to usual. When this happen, reflect yourself and relax. Slow down your hectic life when you always worried about unfinished work. There will always to-do-list task and it will stop when you die. Perhaps starting from today you may have not-to-do-list?

Benefits of slowing down

Living in a fast and hectic place will influence you either be better or otherwise. People say by doing a lot of work can make you to be more productive. No, it is not. Study by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reveals frequent breaks among workers does not harm worker’s productivity. In addition, another research shows short breaks can promote or avoid musculoskeletal discomfort and eyestrain.

When we are in school, teacher always told us, study smart, not study hard. Why when we grow older, we tend to work hard but not work smart? It deteriorates our health, physically and mentally. Slowing down your life can make your life greater. By slowing down your activity such as thinking process, eating, you could enjoy the life. Slowing down your lifestyle may help you have a clearer thinking and make a better decision. Sometimes, everything feels foggy right? Like there is something wrong in your life, but there is none. Take a deep breath, relax and slow down everything. Slowing down activities is helpful in managing emotion too. A good emotion driver can respond well to any situation.