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Parenting Styles Affect Child’s Development

Parenting style is a determinant factor in a child’s development affecting not only a child’s psychological wellbeing but also the child’s social functioning.


You bring your child to the supermarket. Child wants to buy a packet of chocolate that he is not allowed to. Child is whining and making a fuss in the supermarket. How do you respond?

A: “I understand that you are a sweet tooth but you have had a candy just now. You may be a little hungry now, so maybe we get a packet of nuts or a bottle of yoghurt instead?”

B: “No. You had a candy bar just now, so you are not allowed to buy any sweets today. Let’s go now.”

C: “Oh yes sweetheart, anything that you would like to have.”

D: “Whatever.” (Parent does not care or ignore what the child takes)

*Check what parenting style you are adopting in the below table