Importance of Positive Mindset

Have you watched ‘3 Idiots’, an Indian movie? One of life lesson from the movie is to have a positive mindset. The main character always said, ‘All is Well, all is Well’. He focusses on opportunities rather than focussing on problem and finally become a great person. Hence, why positive mindset is important? People that have positive mindset make positive thinking a habit. There is connection between mind and body. Mind represent human mental states, for example- beliefs, attitude, emotions and thoughts. The way people shape their mental states will influence body function and vice versa. This are some of the benefits of having positive mindset;


Positive mindset makes people happy. Happiness does not necessarily come from external factors, in fact it comes from the inside of the person itself such as the way they think and the way they feel. Having a positive thought reduce cortisol level, increase serotonin production and release endorphins which helps in coping with stress and make people happier and motivated. This condition help for the brain to function optimally. People with positive mindset do not allow negative thoughts to influence them. They always look on the bright side. This make them happier and feeling thankful.



People with positive mindset have a clearer thought in the mind. There are no limitations for them. They have their own goals and they carved their own pathway to have a better and enjoyable life. It gives motivation for them to achieve goals because there is already a visualization path in their mind. A group of researchers from Taiwan study on relation between having a positive thinking and motivation, they found student with positive thinking have a strong effect on learning motivation. As a result, it makes them to learn better. So, being positive not only helpful to boost motivation but also help brain to learn well.