How a bad relationship in life affect our health

Updated: Oct 14

Some called it bad relationship, unhealthy relationship or toxic relationship. Whatever it is called, it delivers the same meaning and it can harm individual’s life either physically or mentally. During my study, I had a roommate who is in a bad relationship. Her boyfriend is excessively jealous, control her life and she always in fear. Her boyfriend also always put her in pressure and have an unpredictable personality. This unhealthy relationship affects her study as well as her health. Other example of having bad relationship are lack of communication, isolated from closed family and friends, lying and rude. Bad relationship can cause a lot of problems to physical health such as;


Study by De Vogli and team from University College London reveals bad relationship can increase risk of having heart problem. There are higher chance for people in bad relationship to die because of heart attacks and strokes. Another study report stress and anxious from having a bad relationship increase risk of having heart disease and have 34% more chance to get heart attack or chest pain compared to group that experience good relationship. Hence, choosing a partner and choosing to be in a good relationship is important because it can affect health condition.



Going through a bad relationship can trigger stress level to increase continuously. Stress can weaken immune system and cause person to get sick easily. Study in Sweden reports children from broken family have higher cortisol level. High cortisol indicates high stress and this condition resulted in weak immune system among children. As a matter of fact, weak immune system does not happen for a short period, it can affect these children until they become adult. Lastly, children from a broken family have three times greater to have weak immune system compared to children with good family.