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Healing Crisis

Healing crisis is only when you are detoxing your body or undergoing a natural treatment including food therapy and natural remedies.

When you started a new diet or medication or even changing your lifestyle like quit smoking or starting to exercise, you will begin noticing a body reaction surfacing. At that time you will just brush it of thinking it is healing crisis. But really, what is healing crisis?

Many people uses the term healing crisis because it is so common that they do not need to explain further. Healing crisis is only when you are detoxing your body or undergoing a natural treatment including food therapy and natural remedies. Before going further into it, let’s understand healing as general first.

Healing normally occur from top to bottom, left to right and most importantly from inside out. When you are undergoing a therapy, you will notice your headache reduce but there is a discomfort in the abdomen or the bowel movement is frequent or abnormal, a pain on the right shoulder pain has now shifted to the left, and sometimes more phlegm or cough. These are just examples of healing crisis and it may go the other way round and often indicating the treatment is not right or you are not doing it properly.

Sometimes it may indicate the treatment is not suitable for you as different body have its own healing mechanism. The intensity and duration for a healing crisis often depends on the severity and time of a certain illness. For example, if you are having constipation for a year and it is very bad, possibility of an intense breakout or skin issue might appear but will not be as bad compared to the one having it for years. As mention, different people will have different healing crisis, therefore not necessarily to have a skin issue but possibility of fatigue, very bad body odour or even frequent bowel movement. The more the problem and the longer the duration of the problem or illness, the healing crisis will be more intense or severe as well.

A healing crisis sometimes will worsen before it gets better. This is often seen in skin condition as they are suppressing their skin condition for too long with chemical products. When you finally stop it and shift to a natural alternatives, the skin will appear more inflamed, and sometimes even pus or discharged is seen. With dedication and perseverance, it will eventually subside and the good news is that it might not happen again only if you continue the therapy a little longer. Some people tend to stop immediately after seeing results and this will not cure the problem a hundred percent whereas some tend to stop when there is a healing crisis and this will just make matters worse as you will need to start all over again if you want a total cure.

Healing crisis most of the time happen when the root cause is targeted. Therefore a thorough investigation is necessary including family history, meal pattern and lifestyle regime, social being and a lot more of other factors may influence an illness. If a root cause is not resolved, it will manifest into something bigger and will produce many other symptoms as well. Like chopping of the branches of a tree, it will still grow and will have more branches. If you do not chop it properly, it will rot. Now, if you chop the tree from the root, the tree will not bother you anymore. In healing, it is similar. Curing from deep within the root cause will resolve most of the symptoms. Do not suppress with medication as it is temporary and will lead to a worsen condition.

By: Ms Emily - SOL Naturopath

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