Food that suitable for ADHD kids

It is important to be selective in choosing food. Food that we eat influence our health and our brains. Children with ADHD have problem in controlling their behaviour, attention problem and struggle to calm themselves. Although there is no exact diet for ADHD, choosing the right food may help to manage symptom of ADHD.

1. Protein-rich food

According to Dr Stoler- a neuropsychologist, protein is important for optimizing brain function such as improving mental clarity, increase memory and reduce fatigue. Protein is important for the brain because it produces dopamine, a chemical in the brain that helps cells to communicate. Some of protein-rich food includes beans, cheese, eggs, meat, and nuts. Eating rich protein food helps preventing spikes in blood glucose levels that may increase hyperactivity among children. Protein-rich food also help body to absorb medication such as Ritalin efficiently, hence causing a faster effect.

Source: protein-optimize-brain-health

2. Complex carbohydrates

Brain utilizes about 20% of daily energy. In order to carry out functions, brain needs a fuel supply. Two main fuel supply for the brain is known as glucose and ketones. Carbohydrates turns into glucose when digested. Longer time needed to process complex carbohydrates compared to processing simple carbohydrates. Eating complex carbohydrates will control levels of blood glucose in body, maintain concentration and can reduce hyperactivity symptom. Research shows energy used by brain is for neuronal firing or communication process between neurons. In addition, complex carbohydrates boost serotonin levels and helps to calm child with ADHD.