7 approaches to treat fragmented sleep

Have you ever experienced of repeating waking up in the night and struggling to sleep again? Irritating, right? Some may think it is normal, but it is a condition known as fragmented sleep. In simple words, people that have fragmented sleep does not have problem to sleep, but have problem staying to sleep. People who experience fragmented sleep will feel tired in the morning, sleepiness, morning headaches, foggy memory and have problem in concentration. Hence, how to overcome it?

1. Allow yourself to be sleepy and tired

Tired and sleepy people have less probability to get fragmented sleep. By avoiding sleeping during daytime and make yourself tired can help you sleep well at night without any interruption. Accumulation of fatigue during daytime facilitate your sleeping process and maintain your sleep during night.



2. Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day

Regular sleep patterns reinforce circadian rhythm, a timing mechanism in human body. A consistent wake up time can help people to sleep better during nighttime. However, bad circadian rhythm can cause a lot of illness to your body. It is important to care about sleep and wake time because having a consistent sleep and wake time can improve digestive system, make immunity system stronger, have better cognitive function and emotion becomes more stable.