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What we do here is to help train your child and optimize their brain functions using Neurofeedback, known as “BRAIN TRAINER” which is a 50 years technology that has been widely used in western countries like the United States and in NASA astronaut training. This program is totally non-invasive and the effect is long-term.  This train your kid to work efficiently and perform better in life and their academy.

Dear Parents,

Remember how you feel when you first knew that you would become a parent? You may be feeling very excited or a little anxious to meet your baby. And you start to wonder how will your baby look like? Does he or she look more like mummy or daddy? Nine months is a long journey.. Yet it is totally worth it.


However, you also start to realize that your kid looks a little different than the kids of same age. Why hasn’t your kid talked like other kids? Your kid talks things that are hard to understand, even for yourself as a parent. Yeah...perhaps, his / her speech is just a bit delayed, not a big deal (you tell yourself). But as time goes by, you start to question, why your kid does not respond to you and it seems that he / she cannot comprehend what you tell them.  Is it because he / she does not understand your wordings or?


You see the difference between your kid and his / her peer. People may tell you don't get too worried about this, some kids are a bit slower… they will become better when they grow older! But deep inside your heart, you know this is not right!

Okay, you may be thinking that just give more time for your kid to "grow". 

You get more doubts as your kid grows. And now, he / she is in kindergarten slowly going into primary school. You know he / she is different. You receive complaints from teachers about your kid is being "naughty". He / she does not follow teacher's instructions. Does not submit the homework on time. Always get the wrong answers even though teacher has corrected him / her for many times.


Your kid does not like to write or read. And is not performing well academically. Not only in school, you also find that your kid is lacking of initiatives in their daily lives too. Your kid will wait for you to tie his / her shoelaces, wait for you to tell them to eat though the food is already ready, they always wait for you to help them with what they are supposed to complete themselves... It looks like they are just lazy. But is that the case?

At times, you see your kid get angry and frustrated when they cannot complete their tasks. They put in effort in learning yet they are still not able to catch up. This de-motivates them. What's more, if teacher always corrects your kid in front of other schoolmates and labels him / her as bad student. This is bringing down your kid's confidence level and self-esteem. From there on, he / she may just give up studies. People may not understand your kid's hidden struggles. But no worries, we do.

You may put your kid through endless tuition classes, speech therapy, drawing class, music class and etc., in hope that his / her condition can get better, but you do not see obvious changes. It makes you sad for not being able to do anything to help them. And you can see their struggles.

All the problems / conditions mentioned such as below are the symptoms of a slow learner:

  • Difficult to understand instructions

  • Poor memory

  • Struggling to complete task

  • Immature language and often talks with younger children

  • Easily frustrated, annoyed and anxious

  • Low self-esteem and not confident

  • Poor academic performance

So, is my kid a slow learner? What is slow learner?


Slow learners are different from other learning disabilities. They will go through the same developmental phase as other children, but at a slower pace. Just imagine, slow learners are people who drive cars at 60km/h, and other kids drive cars at 120km/h, they will still arrive at the same location, but slow learners will arrive later.

So what is actually inside of slow learning kid's brain? To know that, we first have to understand what is brainwave. We often regard our body as a chemical system, in which we take medicine when we are not feeling well. However, have you thought of your body as an electrical system? Yes, there is electricity inside our body, but, it is not the electricity that can switch on the fan, lights etc. The electricity inside a human's body helps cells to communicate, so humans can think, feel, and hear. And brainwaves are the electrical impulses produced when the brain neurons communicate with each other.


According to neuroscientists research, it is believed that slow learners will have irregular activities of brainwaves in the sensorimotor area. This area is responsible mainly for motor functions, mirror neuron system for speech, sensory integration, memory, and attention.


Basically, people with slow learning problems will have issues in organizing information in the brain. They take longer to process information.


There are a few types of brainwaves known as delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma. For slow learners, they have an abundance of delta or theta waves which are supposed to be high during sleeping or dreaming and there are little activities of brainwaves (beta) that are needed during processing information. In summary, slow learner's brain is sleeping or dreaming although their physical body is awake.


So by now, you should know that it is not about sending your kids to various types of classes, tuition sessions or therapies, the root problem is actually inside your kid's brain itself. The irregular brainwaves has to be corrected so that they are able to process information more easily and ease their slow learning difficulty. 

Impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, your kid may need more time to adjust themselves back to their normal school life and catch up with their homework.

So, is there any effective solution to help slow learning kid?

No worries, SOL is here to offer our assistance. 

We may be the SOL-ution that you are looking for. We introduce you our Brain Trainer program. Brain Trainer is using a 20 years technology known as Neurofeedback that has been widely used in western countries like the United States and NASA in astronaut training to improve the brain's performance. It is a safe and non-invasive therapy for children to learn quicker, have better attention span, improve focus & concentration, sleep quality, and can train children to perform better at school and life.

It creates a CORE foundation of powerful brain ability so that the child can learn things quicker and save ENORMOUS time. Ultimately, enabling them to unleash their full potential! And this is just perfect for slow learning kids!

Normally, there will be 20 to 30 training sessions in a Brain Trainer program. The number of sessions is customizable and will be determined based on the brain assessment result conducted before the training. From our experience, children start to show positive changes on the 12th session of the program, and some even on the 3rd session!

You may wonder how lasting is the training effect and will your kid be too dependent on the training or therapist. Or is this a lifetime training or can it be stopped after seeing the positive changes? Once stopped, will your kid go back to how they behave before the training?

No worries, just imagine Brain Trainer is like swimming. Once you learn how to swim, even though you do not swim for a long time, you still remember how to swim when you want to. You will not forget something you learn by heart. So, same goes for brain training. When your kid's brain learns how to regulate the brainwave in the targeted location, for example like focus and concentration, your kid will be able to focus and concentrate when they need to. It comes naturally in them.

And our neurotherapist is like a swim coach. They are the ones that guide and teach your kid to swim, but once your kid knows how to swim, even though without a coach, your kid is still able to do it by themselves. So your kid will not be dependent on brain training or our therapist. This, we can assure.

As your kid grows and the brain develops, the positive effect from the brain training will carry on with them.

For your peace of mind, the most IMPORTANT action you can do now is to bring your kid for a brain assessment to see if they do have learning difficulties, if yes, no worries, our therapist will discuss with you what you should do to help your kid.

Our team is experienced in brain training program and it is not merely for slow learners but also for other brain-related issues such as in autism, ADHD, sleeping disorder, anxiety and achieving peak performance.


Below are the strengths we are famous for:

  1. We help identify if your kid is having any learning difficulty and point out the exact location of the brain that is causing the issue

  2. We focus on training the areas that need to be addressed URGENTLY

  3. We find out the strength and weakness of the brain functions

  4. We provide practical advice & guidance to parents on how to deal with kids with condition

  5. We give suggestion of what are the treatments available (neurofeedback therapy, diet & lifestyle modification, detoxification and so on).

  6. We provide comprehensive report with graphs and readings to present the progress of treatment, scientifically.

  7. We have experienced neurotherapist (neurofeedback trainer) that will help your kid overcome the problem and prevent it from happening again in the future

As Seen In

A Part of Our Success Stories

Lai Yin Pong's Story in coping with

Slow Learning

She is now more alert; concentration and focus were a lot better than before, memory improved, sleeping quality improved drastically, and anxiety level reduced comparatively.

Sandhini Sakti's Story in improving

Academic Performance

"After 10 sessions of brain trainer program, I can start to see the result. My daughter’s focus and attention span are getting better than before. It helps her to get a lot of improvement in academic. She can control her anger and better in time management." - Sakti's mom

Hamzah Arif's Story in coping with

Tourette Syndrome

"I am totally impressed by the result of the treatment as on the 15th session of the therapy, Hamzah starts to show positive feedbacks on his tics control. And his condition is remarkably improved after completing the 20th sessions of Brain Trainer." - Hamzah's mother.


Here is how it works. First we will speak to you on phone to briefly discuss with you about your child's condition. Then, we will arrange the appointment for your kid to do the brain assessment at our centre. And you will have a report review session with our neurotherapist after the assessment. It is a full 1-hour assessment with a comprehensive 10 pages report!

There is no charge for this and there is no catch.

We do this because many patients who go through this process are so impressed they asked to become our patients.

Please note that this is not a sales process. We usually charge RM500 for this kind of comprehensive consultation and assessment. You will be speaking to our highly experienced neurotherapist who will come up with the solution & treatment plan just for your kid. There is no obligation for you to take up any of our service after this.

Brand Experience


WARNING: before you schedule your appointment session, you must understand that this is only for people who are serious about setting their children's health for long term success. We will do the brunt of the work, but to truly get your child's health back we need your commitment and dedication.


But if you are ready to start and help your kid to deal with their learning difficulties, book your brain assessment session now with our highly experienced neurotherapist. 


By the way, we recommend you to book quickly. Our therapist only have a limited number of slots available for each month and they’re filling up fast. Not to mention that our head of accounting department is NOT happy we’re offering these sessions at such a low price and wants to shut this offer down. Get in now before we have to start changing again.

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