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1 in 30 women in Malaysia will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime – and yet a majority of women do not routinely check their breasts.

National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) , 2019

Breast screening is very crucial to women. Do not wait until it's too late. Get yourself checked now!

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Safe & Comprehensive Breast Screening
in Malaysia - Regulation Thermography

Regulation Thermography

Regulation Thermography is a 100% safe, totally non-invasive and radiation-free health screening (functional test) that can detect present causes of illness as well as hidden problems through a thermo-recording method discovered in Europe and upgraded in the United States by Dr. Daniel Beilin, one of our staff advisors. It involves the measurement of 100+ points over the body including assessment of breast health, prostate health and major organ systems such as liver and pancreas, kidney and heart.

It has been proven that Regulation Thermography can determine the level of disease-causing inflammatory factors and systems and even reflects predispositions to cancer and other degenerative diseases (FDA cleared for such purposes).  

The name of the device used in our clinic is the AlfaSight 9000, a special and new form of thermography device with a more than 90% accuracy (specificity and sensitivity). It provides an accurate forecast about patient health patterns in order to provide clear steps to optimize health and reverse deleterious threats, thereby returning the patient to optimum vitality and resilience.

Regulation Thermography has helped more than 250,000 people worldwide in finding their health recharged and improved significantly.

Why whole-body? If I only want a breast assessment, can the device just focus on breasts?

Regulation Thermography covers the whole body as we understand that all the body parts and organs are interrelated.  Our lymphatic system, circulatory system, nervous system, the immune system covers the whole body, not just only on a certain part of the body. If these systems are not functioning properly, they prove they will directly affect the breasts. Infrared camera thermography is inferior to this method since 13 criteria determine breast health in the Alfa system, and with the old Infrared methods, only 2 criteria are considered, so much is thereby missed with infrared camera method, not so with the AlfaSight.

Do you know that a weakened immune system is one of the deeper causes of cancer?

Therefore, it is important to look at the full picture of our system-health and know exactly what our body requires to become fully whole and functioning vitally.

Benefits of Regulation Thermography

Early detection for breast cancer tendencies or related symptoms
High Accuracy
Aiding identification of the root cause of breast conditions like lumps, swelling
Painless; Comfortable Procedure
Comprehensive Report
Guiding & monitoring treatments and lifestyle changes for breast care
Quick Result

Who should go for Regulation Thermography?

Thermography is suitable for everyone, from the age of 6 onwards. The only requirement for this screening is that the person will need to be able to stand up (or lean against a table) during the process (watch the video below).

Individuals who wants to prevent or already have a chronic illnesses, (cancer, diabetes, arthritis);

Women who want a safe, accurate and comfortable way to know about their breast health;

Women with implants, fibrocystic, large or dense breasts;

Men with a questionable prostate condition

Individuals who are currently undergoing health treatments and wish to monitor their progress (its no problem to have the test every 3-8 weeks since it is radiation-free);

Men, women and children who want to know their general health

How Does Regulation Thermography Work?

Thermography 1.JPG
Thermography 2.JPG

Regulation Thermography uses an infrared sensor to measure skin temperatures at 90 to over 120 points on the body, gathering information about the functioning health and integrity of various tissues and organs. A session of Regulation Thermography screening generally takes about 30 minutes. The comprehensive report generation is available within seconds.  If you would like to have the report review on the same day, we can arrange you to see a doctor after your result processed. 

Report review with the doctor will normally take an hour. It involves a detailed and comprehensive consultation with the doctor. In total, you can expect to spend about 2 hours at our centre.

Before the screening:

  1. No exercise in the morning of the test. This includes yoga or Tai Chi.

  2. No caffeinated drinks the morning of the test. Save the coffee for later.

  3. Take your normal supplements as we like to see you how you have been in a stable state.

  4. Refrain from Alcohol the night before the test. One beer is ok.

During the screening:

  1. Take off your sunglasses, watches or any jewellery before the screening. 

  2. Women will have to take off the bra before the screening.

  3. You stand fully clothed in long pants and a long-sleeved button-up shirt as the first set of measurements (temperature on all the points) is taken.

  4. Then you disrobe to your underwear to expose your skin to the room-air for a 10-minute cooling period before the points are measured for a second time. 

  5. After this, you dress again and wait for your result to be generated. The test data is computed by the system and you will receive a printout within 15 minutes.


*Please follow the preparation list that we send to you after confirming your appointment.

Screening Testimonial

Lydia Poh, 52

Breast Cancer Stage 3

​"It was spot on! Exactly the same spot where my thermography showed!"

​In 2016, I had a Thermography screening in SOL and the result showed that something was going on in my left breast. I was advised by SOL consultant to go for a second check with my breast surgeon and he did an ultrasound for me but there was nothing physical or any symptom found.


2 years later, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer on the same spot where my thermography showed!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Promotion

Thermography Promo-01.jpg

In conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month, SOL would like to offer you a Regulation Thermography session at ONLY RM498 NETT (Original price: RM1060) for the first 33 people only. This includes a FREE doctor consultation worth RM212.


This offer will END on 31 October 2020!

Prevention is always better than cure! Book now before it is too late!

*Limited slots available. T&C apply.

How to Book the Appointment?

First, please fill up your details in the form provided at the top of the page or click this button here:

Second, our representative will give you a call / WhatsApp to discuss on your current condition and arrange the appointment for your thermography session. Deposit RM50 is required.

You are required to follow the preparation list that we will send to you after your appointment confirmation.

*Terms & Conditions

Since we have limited slots, to avoid last-minute cancellation, you are required to deposit a minimum of RM50 to secure your booking.

There are 2 ways you can make the payment, through Paypal or Online Transfer.

1. Paypal

You may deposit the RM50 (1 person) via Paypal below:

After your payment, you will receive a payment confirmation email, keep it as a proof of payment.

Our representative will get in touch with you soon to schedule your appointment. And you may be requested to provide the proof of payment to confirm your slot.

2. Online Transfer

You may deposit the RM50 (1 person) or the FULL amount RM498 to our bank account below:

RHB Bank
Spectrum of Life
Acc No. :21416500022130
Amount: RM50 (1 person)

Payment reference: Thermo - (Your Name)

After your payment, please take a picture of the transaction and keep it as a proof of payment.

Our representative will get in touch with you soon to schedule your appointment. And you may be requested to provide the proof of payment to confirm your slot.

Terms & Conditions:

1. All the deposits are not refundable and will be expired on 31 January 2021. So please make sure you schedule the appointment before the date mentioned.

2. Session purchased needs to be utilized before 31 January 2021. All the unutilized sessions will be considered as used.

3. You may purchase this as a gift. But please inform your friends & family members about the expiry date.


4. Since this is a special promotion, session purchased (RM498) are not refundable but transferable as long as it is utilized before the date 31 January 2021.

Book fast before it ends!

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us at:

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