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Rachel, 17


Before coming to SOL, I’d been using steroid creams for years for my Psoriasis problem. Psoriasis definitely affected my life as I had to bear with the flare-ups, itchiness and skin scaling. It was very annoying.

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Age: 17

Current Health Concern: 

Psoriasis - Itchiness - Inflammation

Medical History (before SOL):

Steroid cream

Root Cause Identification in SOL :

Heavy metal toxicity - Nutrient deficiency

Screening Done in SOL:

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

IgG Food Allergy Test

Treatment Program in SOL:

Homeopathy - Detoxification - Oral supplementation - Lifestyle adjustment


95% recovery. No more psoriasis symptoms appear. - Improved immune system - Stopped steroid cream - Increased confidence level

And there was one day my mom came across SOL Integrative Wellness Centre which promotes natural healing without any use of drugs, we decided to give it a try. I was referred to see Prof. Ungku, the Homeopath and Ms. Esther, Naturopath of SOL.

Before my treatment started, I was informed of what are the possible outcomes that I might experience throughout the whole treatment period, including the healing crisis.


When I first started Homeopathic treatment, my condition became worst. All the flare-ups were appearing on my back, neck and face. But I was determined to carry on. I strictly followed the advice from Ms. Esther to adjust on my diet, nutrition intake and lifestyle changes. And continued my homeopathic treatment.

After 5 months treatment in SOL, I can see very obvious changes on my condition. My condition has greatly improved. 95% of the flare-ups are gone! I’m really happy with the result. And I’m glad that I did not give up halfway.

The treatment in this centre is to deal with the root cause of the problem, not only on the symptoms. And this is really what I need and now, I do not need to rely on steroid cream anymore.

I’d also recommended a few friends to the centre as I believe that SOL could help them to improve on their health.

Zainal, 19


In December 2018, I experienced very severe psoriasis and my skin condition was really terrible. I tried many traditional treatments in different centres from January till April but I still do not see any improvement at all. I was depressed and worried as this has totally affected my daily activities. It was itchy, red-flare and uncomfortable. Most of the time I have to stay at home, until I came across SOL Integrative Wellness Centre that healed me.

During Homeopathy Treatment in SOL (1).p

Age: 19

Current Health Concern:

Psoriasis - Itchiness - Inflammation

Medical History (before SOL):

Steroid cream

Root Cause Identification in SOL:

Heavy metal toxicity - Nutrient deficiency

Treatment Program in SOL:

- Homeopathy - Detoxification (Colon Enema & Hydrotherapy) - Oral supplementation - Lifestyle adjustment- Emotional Workout


97% recovery. No more psoriasis symptoms - Improved immune system - Stopped steroid cream - Increased confidence level

In June 2019, my mother found SOL Integrative Wellness Centre through Facebook and my family encouraged me to give it a try since the solutions I found before all  failed.  SOL is my last chance because if it still has no improvement, I will be going to normal hospital to take steroid injection (as what medical doctor recommended).

My case was handled by 2 doctors at the same time – Dr Hasveni and Prof Ungku. In the initial stage, I have to go through a series of detoxification like colon hydrotherapy to get my body cleansed. And I have to follow the diet and lifestyle advice recommended by Dr Hasveni. And for the homeopathic treatment part, Prof Ungku had prescribed me with homeopathic medication which is natural, totally non-drug and no steroid.

Prof Ungku explained how the homeopathic medicine works in my body and I need to expect some healing crisis before I get healed totally. I experienced the healing crisis for almost 1 month before I’m healed. At first, I was really scared as the scaling and rashes spread to my whole body right after the second day I started the medication. Prof Ungku explained to me why this was happening and this was the right reaction during the treatment and this is called law of cure in homeopathy. He kept on encouraging me not to give up. He is like an angel providing me mental support and he is always there when I needed him. He gave me confidence and this made me courageous enough to continue. I am very thankful to Prof Ungku because he saved my life.

I see rapid and great improvement after just 1 month treatment in the centre! The scaling and rashes were getting less and less and it does not re-appear. And I’m grateful that I can recover without taking any steroid medication! Comparing to steroid cream which the result can only last for two or three days, the treatment in SOL is like a miracle to me!

I continue the treatment for 1 more month and in these 2-months’ time, 97% of my psoriasis had gone. Now, I’m back to my normal life and I can go wherever I want with full confidence! I can finally meet my friends again. I’m truly happy to regain the life that I wish for!

I do not worry much on the recurrence as SOL skin treatment is targeted to the root cause of the problems rather than just on the surface symptoms. Prof Ungku and Dr. Hasveni are both very good and responsible doctors. They spent whole hour to guide me on what I should do, talk to me and understand me so that they will know the best way to help. They gave me not only physical but also emotional support which I really needed during my journey in recovery. Other clinic and hospital’s consultation is just 10 to 15 minutes.  SOL services are great! I definitely will recommend my friends and family or whoever that need help to visit and I believe SOL is able to help!

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