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Lydia, 52

Breast Cancer Stage 3

"Cancer is not a death sentence. Cancer is a wake-up call. It’s a reflection of myself and my life."

In 2016, I had a Thermography screening in SOL and the result showed that there was something not right going on in my left breast. I was advised to go for a second check with my breast surgeon and he did an ultrasound for me but there was nothing physical or any symptom found. 6 months later, I did another screening with the doctor again and the result showed the same, I’m alright. So, I went on with my life without giving enough attention to the problems.

And 2 years later which is in mid of 2018, the result of my annual check-up in hospital shocked me! I was diagnosed with breast cancer, confirmed at stage 3. The cancer spots are exactly the same as indicated in my Thermography result 2 years ago! I was lost and scared. I do not know what can I do about it and at that moment, I decided to come back to SOL and seek guidance from Dr Hasveni.

I'm very committed to the customized cancer treatment program in SOL and follow tightly on what Dr Hasveni advised me to do. With the help from the treatment, I never got sick or unwell throughout my tough journey in bilateral mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.


In fact, many of my friends said I do look healthier and younger! I’m really grateful of what SOL had provided me, building up my immune system to enable me to get through all these challenges. And the emotional support by Dr Hasveni and the team really plays a big part in my recovery which I think I would never receive from the conventional institutions.

Once again, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to SOL, Dr Hasveni and the team who helped me along my journey! Thank you!

Age: 52


Left breast carcinoma (multicentric invasive lobular carcinoma with lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS))

Medical History:

Bilateral mastectomy - Chemotherapy - Radiotherapy

Treatment Program in SOL:

Immune System Balancing - Detoxification - Metabolic Therapy - Nutritional Therapy (IV nutrition) - Diet & Lifestyle Modification -  Emotional work out - Terrain Assessment


- Improved immune system - Look healthier & younger - More positive and emotionally stable - Successfully went through conventional invasive treatments without getting sick - No more constipation

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