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Mr. Piyachai Teo

Breathing Technique Instructor

Mr. Piyachai Teo is a Wim Hof Method Instructor, Breath & Life Coach with a passion to help people live healthier and happier lives by tapping into the power of their breath and breathing to relax and energize their body, focus and expand their mind, calm and balance their emotions, and nourish and uplift their soul.

He is the 5th Wim Hof certified instructor across the whole Asia. With his deep knowledge in this field, he had been providing talks and trainings for events and big corporates like HSBC, AIA, IQI Global, Maxis, Unilever & EPF and more.

His area of expertise include:

  • How To Reduce Stress

  • How To Reduce Anxiety

  • How To Overcome Depression

  • How To Increase Focus & Productivity

  • How To Strengthen Your Mental & Physical Health

  • How To Raise Your Awareness

  • How To Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep

  • How To Design a Life Of Fulfilment

  • How To Live a Life of Fulfilment

  • How To Live a Mindful Life

  • How To Overcome Procrastination

  • How To Optimise Processes

  • How To Set KPI’s

  • How To Improve Company Performance

  • How To Double Your Reading Speed

  • How To Improve Your Memory

Mr. Piyachai Teo
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