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Dr. Yu Shichao

Integrative Doctor

Dr. Yu Shichao is an attending physician and the legal advisor of the Association for Specialists in TCM, and the medical advisor of Shanghai Alshine (Zhengzhou) Law Firm. He has years of experience working as a physician at various hospitals in China, specializing in orthopedic surgery and treatment using traditional Chinese methods. 

Currently, Dr. Yu is pursuing his Doctorate in Acupuncture and osteoarthritis at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), focusing on a clinical study on the electro-acupuncture treatment of non-acute knee osteoarthritis.


He has a strong theoretical foundation and years of clinical experience in traditional Chinese medicine and is proficient in using acupuncture & moxibustion, manipulation, Chinese herbs, and other TCM therapies to treat internal medicine, orthopedics, pain, and other diseases. He is also a skilled surgeon in hand surgery, microsurgery, and orthopedics.


Actively participating in various research projects, Dr. Yu has received many awards and invitations for their work in business, medicine, and teaching.

Dr. Yu Shichao
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