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Dr. Vijaendreh

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynae-Oncologist

Dr. Vijaendreh is a practising Gynae-Oncologist at Putra Hospital, a  private hospital in Melaka, Malaysia. He graduated with an MBBS from University of Malaya in 1986 and achieved his MRCOG in 1994. In 2003 he completed his training in Gynae-Oncology with a fellowship at St Bartholomew Hospital, London.

He served in the Ministry of Health for 25 years and was actively involved in undergraduate, post-graduate and subspeciality training . He is an accomplished laparoscopic cancer surgeon .Since 2011, he has widened his cancer treatment options by including a more holistic approach using an array of cutting edge complementary and alternative therapies .

Encouraged by some very fascinating and successful outcomes in advanced gynaecological cancers, he is actively and passionately pursuing an integrative approach to all cancers. It is his fervent belief that this is the way forward in improving outcomes in Cancers. He now partners with patients to achieve their ideal health , through innovative integration of conventional cancer treatment with Healing therapies.

Dr. Vijaendreh
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