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Dr. Mehwish

Head of Operations

Dr. Mehwish has a background in medicine and is experienced in Conventional Medicine as well as Functional Medicine with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. She is skilled in Internal Audit, Prevention, Management, Employee Wellness, and Healthcare Management. She is also a strong healthcare service professional with a degree of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery - MBBS focusing in Family Medicine.

With 14 years of working experience in conventional medical field in various countries she became disappointed with SYMPTOMATIC approach to suffering and disease for chronic illnesses without knowing the root cause and no real cure offered for chronic diseases. At that moment she took a step ahead and pursue Functional medicine from Germany and Russia. She has gone through training in an intensive therapeutic courses and start practicing Functional Medicine along with conventional approach and was amazed with results shown in patients well being.

A resilient forward-thinking professional with 18+ years in the Health and Fitness Industry. Whereby, she was passionately curious about how MULTI DIMENSIONAL career works out as there was much more to be explored. Now she is Heading an Operations for well-known reputed Best Wellness and Medical Tourism center i.e Spectrum Of Life.

 Her natural inclination is to find methodical solutions to complex problems, to look for process improvements, and to work toward maximizing efficiency, productivity, and cost reduction strategies.

Currently She is also an Entrepreneur owning and operating the Wellness equipment distributorship in Asia Pacific region. This explains her diversified nature towards serving the best proven successful Wellness business model. 

Dr. Mehwish
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