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Dr. Daniel Beilin

Medical Advisor

Dr. Daniel Beilin has practiced complementary medicine for 33 years. He has a neurophysiology, gastroenterology and herbal pharmacology background. His first scientific endeavor included his own designed laboratory research at the UCLA Brain Research Institute, studying evoked potentials in the brain. Dr. Beilin has been recognized for his teaching and education on early detection of women’s cancers by dynamic thermography methods and testified before the U.S. Congress bringing this possibility to the forefront, as well as importing 3 complementary methods from Europe to North America (Electrodermal Devices, Darkfield Hematology and Regulation Thermography). 


Dr. Beilin’s 8 years of experience in medical research and applications (UCLA and UC Davis) in the fields of Neurology and Gastroenterology created over 30 peer-reviewed articles in Journals such as Stroke and Endoscopy, as he also invented an injection catheter system now used routinely in endoscopy.

Dr. Daniel Beilin
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