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Dr. Cecilliann

Integrative Doctor

Dr Cecilliann graduated from Kursk State Medical University. Over the years of practising conventional medicine, it soon became clear to her that, whilst conventional medicine works for people with urgent health concerns, the management of chronic health conditions leaves much to be desired. She soon develops a strong interest in preventive care and decided to further her studies in this area and obtained her fellowship in Functional & Environmental Medicine.

She has a deep passion for regenerative medicine and its powerful abilities to heal and enhance a person’s health holistically. She saw the revolutionary potential in regenerative medicine, how it can change the conventional approach of medicine and decided to specialise in this field.

She believes that environmental inputs and mind-body connections contribute significantly to a person's health and well-being. Her desire to get to the root cause of a patient's medical conditions, requires a detailed understanding of a patient's medical history, biochemistry as well as lifestyle factors in improving their health outcomes.

Dr Cecilliann is convinced that "Doctors of the future are the patients themselves".

Dr. Cecilliann
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