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Sunset Yoga
Yoga Instructor
from Manasa Yoga

At SOL, the yoga classes Manasa Yoga teachers conduct would come under therapeutic & restorative yoga.


At each 60 minute session we conduct at SOL, through breath work and a series of holds and movements, our intention is to get the practitioners to ground into the present, thereby allowing a momentarily release from their minds' usual preoccupations which are usually fears, worries, stories, etc.


Since yoga is an awareness practice where for an hour, the minds of the practitioners have been guided to tune into mostly their breath and body sensations, the possibility of the practitioners coming out of each class feeling a bit 'lighter' and a bit more grateful for life, is highly likely.


A heightened state of awareness that comes with regular yoga practice, we feel will also enhance the practitioners' ability to recognise auspiciousness that is there in each moment. 

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