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Dr. Dasheni

Integrative Doctor

Dr. Dasheni is an integrative wellness doctor. She graduated medical school in Kedah with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. She then gained experience treating a wide range of medical diseases in the trauma and emergency department of a busy government hospital in Borneo.

She left for private practice in 2020 and has since pursued her interest in a more integrative and holistic approach for her patients, with a focus on empowering women and men to improve their quality of life and prevent chronic disease. 

With years of practice, it became obvious to Dr. Dasheni how important lifestyle and nutrition was in patient health and the development of disease.  She is a firm believer that exercising, paired with healthy eating habits, are essential to one's ability to heal as well as improves a person's health holistically, the miracle cure we've always had.

She pushes her patients to incorporate physical activity into their life by going the extra mile to understand which exercise is best suited for them. In short, Dr .Dasheni creates an integrative and holistic customized treatment plan for her patients based on their health conditions and needs.

Together paired with Medical Aesthetic Certification she is able to treat skin disease from inside and out.

Dr. Dasheni has an interest to empower her patients with the comprehensive understanding of their disease or reduced health state, and works in partnership with her patients to return them to their optimal health.


She specialises in a number of key areas including Functional & Environment Medicine, Skin Disease, Metabolic Disease, Weight issues, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Gut Health,  Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine ,Fatigue and Chronic Diseases in general.

Dr. Dasheni
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