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Benefits of Failing and How Do We Deal With It

“When life knocks you down, try and land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up” – Les Brown

What do you think about failure? Do you see it as something negative and even pinpoint failures that you encountered in life as a benchmark of your own incompetency level? Not in the sense that everyone is now failing, but it is the way of failure is being seen as the thing that must not happen at any cost. Failure happens in so many different areas of life, including studies, work, or even relationships.

Unfortunately, failure is not being focused on as people often see it equally as being weak, or may lead to giving up behaviour, which is not preferable to be seen. To be honest, besides the reason that failing does not make a person feel good, what else that makes us consider failure being bad? No one wants to fail but we know that failure is something everyone will have to deal with in their lives.

There are always two sides of the coins, so what are the advantages of experiencing failure in life?

1) It provides a reality to check on where we are at, it could be an indicator pointing that something elsewhere is not right. Use failure as a guidance or reference to know what is really going on.

2) The lessons learned are priceless, that you will learn from your mistaken actions and get a closer step to what is right the next time round.

3) Chances and opportunities are everywhere to be grabbed. This isn’t a “one shot only” world.