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Immune Booster Kit

COVID-19 Prevention Kit:

Natural anti-viral remedies and strong antioxidants oral nutrition that also comes with diet and nutritional guidance.

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SOL Family Immune Booster Kit


The outbreak of COVID-19 has become a global concern and DEATH TOLL is now more than 9,303 people and INFECTED more than 227,679 worldwide. First thing first, strengthen your immune system!

Malaysia is on Restriction Movement currently and to help people stay healthy in this crucial time, SOL has come out with IMMUNE BOOSTER KIT that is effective in preventing viral infection and at the same time STRENGTHEN the immune system.


This package consists of natural anti-viral remedies and strong antioxidants oral nutrition that also comes with diet and nutritional guidance during this crucial period.

What is in SOL Immune Booster Kit?

The Kit consists of 1 bottle of Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Selenium, Zinc and Homeopathic remedies (1 liquid solution and 2 bottles of pills).

This Kit can be shared with family members. As we will include suggested dosage for children and teenagers below 18 years old, adults and people with chronic illnesses in the instruction list.

Get your loved ones protected too!



Specially-formulated Homeopathic solution for cough, flu and viral infections.

Immune Booster Tonic

Homeopathic ingredient used to promote immune system and respiratory functions.

Vitamin C

Water-soluble vitamin well known for its role in supporting a healthy immune system.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D has a protective effect against influenza virus and is important for lung health.


Effectively reduces inflammation, boost immune health and is able to reduce diarrhea condition and flu symptoms.


Powerful antioxidant to boost immune system and reduce asthma symptoms like shortness of breath and cough.

Diet and Nutrition Guidance

Soft copy guidance developed by our doctor to educate you the correct knowledge about health and prevention of COVID-19.

Boosting the immune system would help the body fight viruses and bacterial attacks.

Malaysian Medical Association president Dr N. Ganabaskaran

Vitamin C plays a role in preventing, shortening, and alleviating diverse infections. 

National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S.

Vitamin D Supplementation Could Reduce the Risk of Type A Influenza Infection and Subsequent Pneumoniaa.

The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, UK

Grant, William B. The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal: October 2010 - Volume 29 - Issue 10 - p 987, doi: 10.1097/INF.0b013e3181e50e10

Homeopathy is effective in prevention of virus infections and flu-like symptoms!

AYUSH, Ministry, India

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Benefits of Immune Booster Kit


*Depends on individual conditions

100% Natural

Plant-based and natural remedies.

No Side-Effects

We do not use any western drugs and medicine. No antibiotics / steroid.


Immune System

Boost up immunity.

For All Age Group

Suitable for kids and adults. Specific dosage will be listed in the instruction guide.

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Proven to be effective for viral infection.

Suitable for People with Chronic Illness

Can be taken by individuals with diabetes and cancer.

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Specially-Formulated Remedies

Customized Homeopathic formulas

Formulated by Experienced Doctor

Recommended by experienced and well-known Dr Hasveni Chellamuthu

All these Nutritions are Carefully-Sourced and Formulated by Dr Hasveni Chellamuthu

Formulated by Experienced & Well-Known Doctor

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-11 at 11.43.27 AM

Dr Hasveni Chellamuthu is a holistic medical practitioner in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has practiced in several clinics specializing in functional diagnostics and orthomolecular as well as homeopathic care.  She attended an intensive 5 ½ -year education at MGR University in Tamil Nadu, India and received her Doctorate in Homeopathic medicine and Surgery in 2012.

She has studied under several of the world’s leaders in complementary medicine including Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt (Germany), Dr. Daniel Beilin (USA) and Dr. Lim Yew Cheng (Kuala Lumpur). 

Dr Hasveni Chellamuthu

Integrative Doctor, Medical Homepathic Doctor

Looking for more info related to your condition?

You may speak to us directly or we will connect you to our doctors if needed.

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Due to limited supplies, SOL is making this IMMUNE BOOSTER KIT for the first 55 people only.

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(Original Price is RM840)! FREE SHIPPING.

Starting from 21 March 2020 to 31 March 2020. Limited stocks available.​

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