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Who Will Benefits From ECP ?
  • Heart disease patient
  • Have chronic stable angina
  • Finding alternetive for bypass surgery
  • Poor circulation
  • Diabetic
  • Have renal failure
  • Have pulmonary diseases
ECP Therapy Advantages
  • Non-invasive, painless and inexpensive
  • No recovery time
  • No side effects
  • Increase stamina and energy
  • Increase alertness as blood are pump to the brain as well
  • Improve sex life
  • Increase cardiac output
  • Improve ventricular function
  • Increase coronary perfusion pressure
  • Improve oxygen consumption
  • Increase circulation

ECP is also known as External Counter-Pulsation. This is a non-invasive and none-drug outpatient treatment option for people who suffered from ischemic heart diseases. Clinical studies show over 75% of patients benefited from ECP Therapy with sustained improvement up to 3 years post-treatment.

During ECP, pneumatic cuffs are applied on the legs at the calves, thighs and hip. They are connected to a computer. This computer will monitors the heart rate and rhythm. The cuffs will inflate and deflate according to heart rhythm. It will only pump during the heart is at rest, to avoid pressure on the heart and back flow of blood. As the cuffs pump, it increases the pressure in the aorta and increase blood flow into coronary arteries and mechanically open up semi-blocked coronary arteries. That is the reason why it is not a one-time treatment. It should be done continuously for 35 hours in total, broken down to 5 hours or 5 times a week. This is in order to create the natural bypass or collaterals and improving organ function in total.

Heart ischemia or heart attack occurs when a part of the heart does not get enough of oxygen and dies off, this is on the outer part of the heart which is mainly muscle. This usually happen when the arteries are blocked due to arteriosclerosis or narrowing of the blood vessels of the coronary artery. If the blockages is small or the lipid which is causing the blockages is not fully oxidized or hardened, by the force of the ECP, it may break it off slowly but gradually. Unless the blockage is too big or has been there for a long time, of course it will be very difficult to break it off. However, ECP is very unique as it is able to create new blood vessels to supply the area being affected, which is called collaterals. Small vessels are formed the branch which has died off and continue growing to the affected area. This is similar like a bypass, but this is done internally and gradually by our body and does not require any surgery.

ECP is not only for those suffering from heart problem. It is beneficial for diabetic and renal failure as it improves circulation to the organs being affected to improve in their function. Those having pulmonary diseases may find ECP beneficial for them. When the heart pumps more, more blood will be pumped to the lungs for the carbon dioxide-oxygen changing process. This will then improve in the efficiency of the lung. Often times, we will attached oxygen for inhalation during the therapy to improve in this condition.

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