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Dr Sasikala is an Integrative medical doctor practising functional medicine addressing the root cause of illness with special interest in epigenetic expressions of diseases with environmental toxins and believes in tailored approach of treatments according to patients epigenetic profile. She obtained her medical degree in 2009 and pursued an interest in Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP).


She strongly upholds the concepts of 'Food is Medicine' and 'You are what you Eat' as well as believes a personalized diet plan and gut health empowerment is the mainstay of holistic approach in treating a patient.


She is driven into this field of medicine, after realizing the chronic disease prevalence is strongly associated with toxin exposure and how different individuals react to this is dependent on their own epigenetic expressions leading to deficiency in biochemical pathways.


Dr Sasikala realized this is not only useful for reversing the condition but also plays an important role in disease prevention especially in chronic problems involving GI tract, ADD, ADHD, ASD, metabolic syndrome, mental health and autoimmune.


She envisions "The future medicine is Preventive Medicine"

Integrative Doctor
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