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Integrative & Functional Medicine Doctor

Dr CC Lim is an Integrative & Functional Medicine doctor, Certified in American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM). He is an advocate for using integrative and holistic approach to help people achieve optimal health and wellness, with particular interests in integrative oncology, gut health, metabolic disease & anti-aging medicine.


Dr. Lim also possesses a strong interest in biohacking which is the optimization of health, well-being and performance by utilizing science, technology and a deep understanding of human physiology and nutrition. He is a firm believer of the integrated approach that encompasses both modern science & technology with the ancient knowledge of naturopathic healing, is the ultimate way to achieve true optimal health and wellness. 


With such knowledge and interest, Dr. Lim is committed in empowering and assisting individuals to overcome their health obstacles and achieve optimal wellness via an empathetic, person-centered & personalized approach.

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