Medical Doctor
Dr. Soh Siew Chin

Dr Soh is a primary care doctor who has since switched her practice to integrative and functional medicine. She strives to determine the root cause of chronic diseases. Rather than just making a diagnosis and then determining which drugs or surgery will best treat the condition.By taking a patient-centered, whole-person approach focused on long-term functional status will help to address the current fragmentation of care and allow for standardization of prevention strategies. Apart from early screening and diagnosis, preventive strategies should emphasize on lifestyle modification ,optimal nutritional status and correcting subclinical biochemical dysfunction.


She received her basic medical degree from Manipal University in 2006 and she obtained her Master degree in Healthy Aging, Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine from UCSI University in 2019.To pursue her interests in functional medicine, she became an Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP, The Institute for Functional Medicine) graduate in 2019. She attended numerous courses conducted by the leading experts in Integrative Medicine, Functional Medicine, Regenerative Medicine and Nutrition from USA and Europe.  Her current interests are hormones, cancers, autism, autoimmune and cardiometabolic diseases.