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SOL has drawn a large number of local and foreign customers who enjoy our top-notch facilities, and services provided by our highly knowledgeable and experienced experts and healthcare professionals comprising Medical Doctor, Naturopath, Homeopath, Nutritionist, Psychologist, Neuro-Hypnotherapist, Physiotherapist, Traditional Chinese Physician, Osteopath and staff nurses all under one roof.

Our team healing approach is to engage all our SOL professional experts to deliver a synergistic solution to every client for a more efficient and effective treatment plan. The client would receive not only the treatment from a single practitioner, but also the input from the whole team of the professionals.

For example, if a client who is having skin issue, Psoriasis comes to us, we would have Naturopath to find out the root cause of the problem and provide them dietary and lifestyle advice so as to improve the condition. Then the client might need to see the Homeopath for detoxification. And also the Psychologist for stress or sleep management. As all these departments would come together and work on the client for an optimal treatment protocol. A complete and holistic health treatment solution would be specially customized for every client.