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Laser Acupoint Stimulation (Quit Smoking)

Laser Acupoint Stimulation is a soft laser therapy to stop smoking. It combines the traditional acupuncture and laser technology. It considerably reduces the craving for nicotine and thus reduces withdrawal symptoms. In the procedure, precise acupuncture points on the ears are stimulated. A short radiation of the specified acupuncture points with the laser beam increases the central release of the body’s own endorphins. These natural substances, produced by the body, occupy the free nicotine receptors in the brain, making nicotine intake through cigarette consumption unnecessary.

Furthermore, special points are stimulated, which additionally have a calming and relaxing effect. Despite stopping to smoke, you feel well and balanced. Craving for cigarettes is considerably reduced and finally leads to dislike.

The advantages of the soft laser in order to stop smoking are obvious:

• Completely painless

• No skin damage

• No risk of infection

• Immediate effect

• No side effects

• No medications or substitutes necessary


"Middlesex University proves 70% success rate"

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study carried out by the scholars Catherine M. Kerr and Paul B. Lowe of Middlesex University concluded that “lasers stimulating acupuncture points in fact modify physical withdrawal symptoms and thus enable motivated persons to successfully overcome their tobacco consumption.” On average, more than 75% of Laser Acupoint Stimulation customers succeed in stopping to smoke. Normally, one procedure is sufficient to release you from the physical dependence on smoking. However, we have backed it up with neuro-hypnotherapy and nutritional therapy as well for a more comprehensive and promising result.


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