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QUANTITATIVE FLUID ANALYSIS 2000 ( Keeping Inner Balance )

The Quantitative Fluid Analysis 2000 measures the basic chemistry of saliva, urine and water. Study shows that imbalances in the pH, resistivity and redox potential of the saliva and urine determine various imbalances of our internal organs. The reason why saliva and urine are used in this testing is because they resembles the input and output of our body, like a magnet having a positive and negative charged poles. In order to have accurate result, fasting is required for at least 3 hours. This include medication, supplement, caffeine as well as food and drinks. You are also not allowed to take the test if you had alcohol or been on a flight the night before. The samples will then be collected and send over to the lab for testing.

QFA 2000 may determine how well your digestive system is functioning. It should be burning food to fuel and have proper absorption of nutrients as well as properly remove waste product from the body. Often times, due to improper food intake, enzymes depleted and digestion is compromise. This also results in nutrients not being absorb properly and waste not excreted via a proper channel (intestine or kidney).

This testing will also determine whether your body have adequate minerals and are the cells absorbing and utilizing them properly. Mineral imbalances will cause:

1.      Cells unable to function properly due to lack of minerals

2.      Excess mineral will disturb the normal functioning of other cells

Mineral wastes will also cause lymphatic congested. This will cause immune system to be weak and may lead to various disease and infection as well cause a person to feel very lethargic and fatigue.

The test performed will show the tissues of an organ and cells that are stressed through prolonged exposure to poor diet, stress, chemicals and toxins in the system. In relation to this, we are able to find out if the kidneys and liver are overworked or exhausted. Early measures are necessary to prevent breakdowns of these organs, such as diet restriction, supplements and detoxification of the body.

How well your body is dealing with everyday stress? Elevated oxidative stress may lead to various problem of the internal organs. This include the adrenal and thyroid function. Too much stress may overwork these organ and produce acid-ash in our body. When our body is too acidic, we are prone to various illness. Most common will be flu, fever and cough. We may also be able to tell if your body is losing energy because it cannot utilize it.

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